About the Course

Training so You're Prepared to be an Ambassador of Islam

Assalamu Aliakum, (A Prophetic Greeting of Peace) Our team at CAIR-Texas are pleased to have you participate in this year's TMCD. We know that you're eager to represent our faith and community, but also equally nervous. You may be thinking, "what am I going to say", "I've never done this before", "what if I mess up", and so on. That is completely normal. In order to make sure you're more comfortable and prepared for TMCD we developed this short 2 hour training. Each lesson consists of short 2 - 5 minute videos to make sure you're prepared. There are short quizzes throughout the training just to make sure you're paying attention. We believe you'll enjoy the training and afterwards be ready for Capitol Day.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Ambassador Program

    • Training Pt. 1: Introduction to Texas Muslim Capitol Day

    • Part 1 Introduction

    • Part 2 Ambassadors During Time of Prophet

    • Part 3 Join the Ambassador Program

  • 2

    What is CAIR-TX

    • Part 4 What is CAIR-Texas

  • 3

    Let's Get Started - Legislative Agenda, Who are my Officials, & How to Hold Successful Meetings

    • Pt. 5 - Time to Get Ready for Capitol Day

    • Pt. 6 - Legislaitive Agenda, What Am I Going to Talk About

    • Pt. 7 - Who Are My Elected Officials & How Do I Find Them

    • pt. 8 - Five Steps to Successful Meeting, Step 1 Introductions

    • Pt. 9 - Step 2 Introduce Your Bill

    • Pt. 10 - Step 3, Start with a Story

    • Pt. 11 - Step 4, List out the Facts of the Bill

    • Pt. 12 - Step 5, The Ask

    • Pt. 13 - The Follow-Up Person

    • Pt. 14 - Assign Roles Within Your Delegation

    • Pt. 15 - The Goal is to Build Long Term Relationships with Officials

    • Pt.16 - Yes, It's That Easy

    • Pt. 17 - What NOT to Do

  • 4

    Expand Your Knowldge: Learn the Basics of Government, How it Works, & Why it's Important

    • Part 18 - Let's Get Started

    • Part 19 - What Does Government Do

    • Part 20 - the Three Branches of Government

    • Part 21 - Elections & How They work

    • Part 22 - Who is Eligible to Vote

    • Part 23 - Electino Vs. Primary

    • Part 24 - 3 Levels of Government

    • Pt 25 - Why Don't Muslims Vote

  • 5

    Conclusion - Success Stories, Next Steps, and You Can Make a Difference

    • Pt. 26 - Success Stories, This Stuff Actually Works

    • Pt. 27 - Let's Talk About Next Steps and What to Expect

    • Pt. 28 - Consider Joining the Ambassador Program

    • Pt. 29 - Conclusion, You Can & Will Make a Difference


Executive Director

Faizan Syed

Faizan Syed is the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Dallas Fort-Worth (CAIR-DFW). Mr. Syed has over a decade of experience defending civil rights, fighting for justice, empowering communities, and educating others about the Islamic faith & American-Muslims. Through his career he's advocated for dozens of causes. Engaged with local, state, and federal Government officials as well as organized state and national lobby days. Has been interviewed hundreds of times on local, national, and international news outlets. Mr. Syed believes the best way to build a better world is to empower everyday people to be champions of justice and to have the tools, training, and support they need to see their visions become reality.